EEP short story competition

Publié le 15 novembre 2021

Given the sweeping changes we have all been through recently, individually and collectively, many people have felt the need to respond with some kind of artistic expression. Writing short stories can crystallise and transform a moment of lived experience or capture a flight of imagination.

short story competition
short story competition
Creativity is valued more and more in the world of work. Storytelling is now a valued skill in itself, and being able to tell stories in English even more so.

This competition is a chance for all of you to give voice to your imagination and emotions, and participate in the life of the AEI community.

It is also a chance to win a book token and see your work published in the AEI Newsletter in April 2022.

The competition is open to L2 & L3 from the EEP and all students from the AEI International School 

Happy writing !

Theme :

Length :
750-1000 words

How to enter :

  • Print your story out. It should be double-spaced on A4 paper, using one side only. Do not include your name.
  • Write your full name, faculty (AEI or EEP) and student number very clearly on the back of each sheet, number your sheets, and staple them together.
  • Post the whole thing in the box marked Short Story Competition in English in the entrance hall of AEI before the end of the day on Monday 31st January 2022.
Organizing commitee and jury :
From the AEI International School, Helen E. Mundler, Marcella Henderson-Peal, Laure de Nerveaux, Natalie Senné, Curt Adler, Sophie Jarry, Aude Attuel.
With thanks to Dean Philippe Frouté and Dean Yves Palau.

Closing date for entries :
January 31st 2022

Deadline for the jury's decision :
February 28th 2022

Prizes : 
Three prizes for students from AEI; Three prizes for students from EEP.

Publication of winning entries :
The winning entries will be published in the AEI Newsletter in April 2022, along with a short biography and photo of the winning students.